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South Africa

Sales Representatives


Charl Baker

+27 (0)76 874 0299


Cape Town:

Alex Duff

+27 (0)83 309 2921

United Kingdom

Andrew Morris

+44 1200 446 386 

Mobile: +44 7887 053 117

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Who should become a Modiwall Reseller?

 We welcome the opportunity to grow our landscaping community. With many professional green industry partners, you will be joining a vibrant group dedicated to Green Wall excellence.


Building incredible vertical gardens indoors and outdoors as part of your landscaping project. It's simple to install and using Modiwall will help you create incredible unique landscapes for you clients.

Interior Designers

Modiwall is fantastic for livening up interior spaces - opening them up and creating natural gardens in large and small spaces.


Whether building a new space or rebuilding an old one, introduce a vertical garden for your developments with ease.

We will assist you with fully understanding the Modiwall system, and best to utilise it for your clients.

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